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Trade news

The power relay equipment has high requirements for terminal products

The quality standard of our country and improve the performance of their own safety relay, it to terminal safety performance requirements from the most basic mechanical structure, shell protection, insulation coordination, anti shock to hot ignition test and safety signs and safety instructions increase.

The terminal in the chemical structure and properties of materials to ensure safety, such as plastic edges, metal burrs, packing density, movement under the condition of the stability of the products, are on the mechanical structure of the power relay terminal equipment. The protection requirements of the shell are mainly the protection level, the protection level of the solid foreign body and the harm to the equipment and products.

Kepo terminal insulation materials, working voltage and environmental pollution level, to select reasonable clearance and creepage distance, make the products in the overvoltage does not occur insulation damage, thereby protecting the safety of power relay equipment. The thermoplastic material requirement of deformation in the work, it is mainly caused by high temperature on the temperature rise and terminal contact resistance generated in the work when the deformation of soft shell so that the electrical short circuit, causing serious accidents, so it is also the key factor of the terminal material conductive parts.

If the terminal from the surface of the solid insulating material in the electric field and the effect of electrolyte during use, decreased formation of conductive path so that the shell insulation performance of insulating material, will affect the relay equipment safety. Therefore, the demand for the safety performance of the terminal is very high, but also because of the modernization of the industry needs more safety appliances.

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