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Trade news

Vishay auto level inductor is very practical

Vishay has expanded its production of ultra-thin, high current inductor IHLE series, the series of products have 2525, 4040, 3232 and three dimensions, using a built-in electronic shielding layer can reduce electromagnetic interference of automobile parts. Vishay Dale IHLE-2525CD-5A, IHLE-3232DD-5A and IHLE-4040DD-5A inductors do not require a separate board level Faraday shield, thereby reducing the cost of production and saving board space. This series of inductors can be used to suppress the electric field associated with the EMI in the tinned copper shield. When the shield is grounded, the electric field can be reduced by up to -20dB at the center of the inductor (1cm).

The series inductor maximum operating temperature of +155 DEG C, the 4 joints of the coplanarity of less than 100 m, through the AEC-Q200 certification, is applicable to DC/DC converter in energy storage, and automotive engine and transmission control unit, fuel injection, motor driven noise suppression, wiper, electric windows and seats, entertainment / navigation system and filtering of high current HID lighting. In addition, the 4 joints of these devices (the two ground connections used for shielding) provide higher seismic performance for the electronic circuits mounted on the engine and chassis.

IHLE-4040DD-5A, IHLE-3232DD-5A and IHLE-2525CD-5A and inductor manufactured using Vishay Dale IHLP technology, high efficiency, the maximum DCR from 1.55 to m, a sense of the range of 0.22 H ~ 47 H. The device has a rated current of 30A and can handle high transient current spikes without saturation. The inductor is packaged in a RoHS standard, fully lead-free shielding structure with a strong resistance to thermal shock, moisture, mechanical shock and vibration. The inductor is halogen free and conforms to the Vishay green standard.

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