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Trade news

Traditional transformers will be replaced

Planar transformer in the industry at present, a class is implemented in UI and EFD type magnets, but the size is still a certain thickness, there is a way to achieve a PCB. Considering the magnetic shape angle, through a special process will be the core to achieve the ultimate slim, one hand to the development of electronic transformers and inductors to miniaturization and ultra-thin trend, thereby reducing the thickness of the planar transformer, and improve the radiating efficiency of the transformer; on the other hand, it can make full use of the high frequency output power ferrite, and finally reduce the transformer losses, improve power output.

However, in the domestic market, due to the planar transformer technology and design process is still a certain degree of difficulty, the production of enterprises is still relatively small, and the production of products is also very small. However, with its development and mature, I believe that in the near future, the use of large area thin Shenzhen gold core nuclear science and technology production, in some high technology fields, planar transformer will soon replace the traditional transformer and get more extensive application, and gradually realize the scale of production, which will also create a development of transformer industry a new field.

Shenzhen nuclear technology production of planar magnetic core (ring, mouth font, font, EE type), the thickness can be 0.25~3 mm, can be stacked to use, you can also use a single. Length and width can be less than 100mm*100mm. In order to increase the seismic performance of the magnetic disk, a thermal insulation PET with thickness of 0.03mm~0.05mm can be attached on both sides of the magnetic core.


1, transformer structure can control the total thickness of the transformer under 2mm. But the output power is not low. Because the total magnetic field can be increased. For example, you can put a flexible EE25 transformer (you can lengthen the length of the leg of the core) to do the following 2mm. You can also use the insert mode, the use of the stack of magnetic. Effect is more ideal. Use ultra-thin skeleton.

2, the transformer manufacturing process, the corresponding can be wrapped with insulating material core, you can choose three layers of insulation wire winding process. Can also design the corresponding ultra-thin skeleton. Or more additive.

3, product application, suitable for automated surface mount, especially for space or height restrictions or energy and heat dissipation requirements, so it has broad application prospects. .

4, the magnetic core material performance, can choose the current market mature ferrite material, such as power type or high conductivity. The structure can produce low height, flat plane height is far less than the conventional transformer, transformer, and its high working frequency (50 Hz ~ 2MHz), high energy density, small volume (which is equivalent to the traditional transformer 20), high efficiency, low electromagnetic interference, good product consistency. At the same time, the planar magnetic core structure increases the heat dissipation area, and is favorable for the transformer cooling. .

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