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Products are widely used in television, computer, DVB, program-controlled switches, liquid crystal displays, power, air conditioning, communications and medical equipment and other fields. Follow the customer's philosophy and needs, to achieve personalized customized services, build first-class products.
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Shenzhen Zhishengda Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004, is a professional R & D, design, manufacture and sale of various types of high low frequency transformers, filters, inductors, magnetic coils, one set of technology manufacturers.
The company is located in convenient transportation, beautiful scenery of Nanshan District Xili Street white pine Lu Li River Industrial area.
Products are widely used in televisions, computers, DVB, program-controlled switches, LCD, power, air conditio
The company is at an unprecedented pace of vigorous development, continue to provide quality products for the old customers at the same time, But also with high heat pillow look forward to more new customers to provide services.

Nanshan district, shenzhen city xili street loose white road 1055 li river industrial zone 2 layer 4

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